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Chris Makosch, CFP®

Chris Makosch, CFP®

Partner / Financial Advisor

Meet Chris Makosch

Get to know an advisor who believes in the personal approach.

Let me tell you why I choose to be a financial advisor. I started my career working at a regional bank. It was a rewarding experience because what I didn't know at the time was that I really liked the service industry. It made me feel good helping others and in return they liked working with me. After graduating with an accounting degree from PennState I came to the realization that accounting work was fine work, but my heart truly relies in helping others. I was given numerous bank management opportunities over the many years as banks were being merged one after another. After working in an industry for some years you tend to see things a little different as you climb the corporate ladder. I enjoyed the banking world but as the banks became larger you had this sense that the banks cared more about profits than those they served. I decided it was time for a change and thought the best place to do that was in the investment management area. I knew how the bank operated and knew that there must be something better than those products the bank provided. I decided that getting my master’s degree in financial services and studying for the certified financial planners’ exam would be my focus. After a year I had my master’s degree and CFP certificate and was ready to start the next chapter of my life. I worked for a regional firm out of Philadelphia but with the long commute it was time to consider establishing my own financial service firm. In 2007 together with a fellow colleague we made the decision to establish Schuylkill Financial LLC to offer great services and products unmatched by most firms in our area. My drive is to give you the very best service possible and best investment choices available. When I am not in the office I love spending time on ...volunteering in my community, scouting, athletic coaching, environmental protection, volleyball, mountain biking, snowboarding, friendship, and family activities.